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one of my favourite books as a teen was Girl Goddess #9 by Francesca Lia Block. the book is a collection of whimsical shorts and the title story itself is written in zine format. (and please, let’s share a moment of “eeeee!”-nostalgia for zines.) anyway, one of my favourite things about this story was the way that the two characters, Lady Ivory and Alabaster Duchess, dressed up when they got to meet their rock-god Nick Agate. it was all slinky dresses, creamy layers of lace, and of course, rough and tumble boots. i dreamed about being able to create outfits like that (probably to wear to No Doubt concerts) but, um, lace dresses don’t sit so well in the mind of a teenager’s parent.

unless you’re sixteen year old Genie from South Africa. sigh.

(image via Genie M’s lookbook.)


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