it’s an ombre wedding…

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can we take a minute to address how perfect this seating list pegboard is? from a wedding in Kakabeka Falls (just outside Thunder Bay) that a friend attended—a sunny gradient of wood samples and paint chips, each labeled with a guest’s name and table.

and of course the colours matched all the other decor elements from the wedding, especially that bright orange and all the mustard yellows. such a crafty idea, and so simple to execute with just a few sneaky trips to various hardware stores.

in other ombre news, i did a little crafting of my own this evening: a purple gradient manicure.

(thanks to Lindsay for sending me her photographs from the wedding!)


2 Responses

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  1. eff!!! i love all-things ombre. wonder if its too late to ombre my hair… hmmmm

    love your nails!


    August 12, 2010 at 4:29 pm

  2. […] {Paint chip seating chart from bougy//bisous} […]

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