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(This is a continuation from a post I wrote for Vitamin Daily Toronto!)

Truthfully, yellow is never my first choice when buying new polish. There are too many variables with an unknown yellow: it can wash you out, reflect a green-ish tinge, or, worst of all, make your hands look jaundiced. However, when I heard that both Chanel and Deborah Lippmann were launching bright yellow lacquers this spring, I started warming up to the trend. (After all: if you have a ridiculous polish collection it’s because you also subscribe to “It’s new? and likely to sell out quickly? I need it!” logic.)

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty
More pastel than bright, Yellow Kitty is a great gateway shade between the easy-to-wear pale yellows and aggressive, almost-neon brights. I had to use three coats to get the coverage you see above, but frankly, that’s expected—and it’s fun to paint with the thick brush all Sally Hansen lacquers now use. I’d definitely wear this one again.

Chanel Mimosa
Um, I actually had low expectations for this colour. When it was first announced in the winter, I thought Chanel could have done something… better. The reviews were equally lackluster, but the polish itself? Ack! Mimosa just glows, it bubbles like champagne. The shimmer shows off best in the bottle, and then doesn’t overpower when on the nail—you can barely see it in the above images. (It was actually quite hard to capture when taking photos, the pointer finger on the right shows it best.)

Sally Hansen Lightening
I enjoyed applying this polish, probably because it’s so primary yellow—like painting your nails with acrylic paint. Okay, it also matched my bouquet of forsythia branches, hello spring! However, until I start wearing my nails a bit shorter, the very-bright Lightening will be a pedicure-only polish.

(Tragically, Lippmann’s Yellow Brick Road was not available for swatching–but it’s on its way, and I’ll likely tweet about it the moment it arrives.)


Written by Paige

May 5, 2011 at 1:15 am

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