Galveston, Texas

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I took these pictures last fall, on a hot October day right before I went swimming in the gulf and stayed in the water by myself for at least an hour. (A big deal, considering how terrified I am of lake water—for some reason the ocean does not inspire the same zombie nightmares…)

The drive into Galveston along Broadway is rather schizophrenic, I-45 turns into the Gulf Freeway, and you pass by houses on stilts that look like they belong in Cape Hattaras, North Carolina. And you blink and the landscape turns into Florida— with motorbikes zooming past, huge parking lots, and families crowding around rainbow umbrellas on the main strip of the beach. (But! Keep driving, there’s a secret, less crowded beach ahead.) And then you’re on Broadway Avenue, lined with skinny palm trees and Victorian mansions that have a definite New Orleans influence with their wrought iron fencing and skinny clapboard shutters. It’s this area of Galvestson I love the most because, um, do the above pictures look at all like they were taken at a Gulf Coast city in Texas?


Written by Paige

November 6, 2011 at 5:29 pm

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